Maximize ROI with engaging, reward-based ads using AdGem’s lightweight SDK

Monetize Your User Base

Earn more revenue when your players engage with video ads and offer wall campaigns in exchange for virtual currency.

Maximize Your ROI

Reach captivated audiences worldwide with globally-sourced demand.

Earn More

Monetize your non-paying users and earn more from your mobile games with high-performing ad units by AdGem.

Grow Smarter

Seamlessly advertise with AdGem and run CPCV, CPI, CPA, and CPE campaigns to expand your user base.

We Value User Experience

Mobile Ad Targeting

Relevant Ad Content

Robust targeting capabilities ensure your tailored ads reach the ideal audience.

Cached HD Video Ads


Pre-cached HD video ads create effortless, high-quality user interactions.

Custom Offerwall

Native Customizations

Control design and functionality for optimal ad engagements.

Cutting Edge Ad Formats

Make your user experience unforgettable with all new vertical video advertising, designed with the user in mind, featuring high-quality graphics and zero buffer time.

Rewarded Video Screenshot


Mobile Video Ads
Video Ads

Rewarded Video

Rewarded Video Ads

In-App Offer Wall

In-app Offer Wall Ads

Compatible for all major ad formats to work with your app, driving new and existing users on mobile devices.

Ad Revenue Reports

In-Depth Data Insight

Real-time analytics dashboards provide complete transparency with immediate, detailed results for unlimited campaign control.

App Developer Support

24/7 Support

Dedicated, in-house support available at all times to deliver reliable campaign management.

SDK Now Available For Download

Lightweight, easy integration for your monetization needs.